Alice Cooper


I’m a theatre maker and performer from Sydney now living in Edinburgh.  I desire to make theatre that turns the everyday into sources of wonderment.  This is a broad statement but it’s true!  It’s truly what I try and do.

I enjoy clowning about, telling stories, moving around, making things up (otherwise known as improvising), experimenting, collaborating and making things that are (a)live.  I am often thinking about and trying to make links between theatre and the environment and this is a constant source of interest (and concern) to me.  I am also very drawn to history (in particular women’s stories and local history) and presenting things that ‘happened’ in a vivid and living way.


Working with Imaginate

It’s a real thrill to be an Associate Artist with Imaginate and I’m very happy to be here on this page. I hope to be a good one.


I also hope to do the following:

  • Say g’day to a few more people in the Scottish theatre community. Get to know theatre makers and practitioners and potential collaborators.
  • Become more professional: Improve my performance and theatre making skills by attending workshops, masterclasses & doing residencies. Up my admin and general life-as-an-artist skills by having coffees with Fiona and other lovely Imaginate staff.
  • See lots of work to understand better what is out there and where I sit amongst it all (perhaps I’ll find myself on Mars- we shall see)
  • Write a serious funding application to make a funny new work