Ideas Exchange 2018

29 March 2018
  • Circus Geeks by Beinn Muir
The Studio
  • Thursday 29 March 14:00
Booking information

Tickets are free but should be booked in advance using the Book Now link.


We hope you can join us in the morning at our sector discussion event. You can find full details and how to book here.

Thursday 29 March, 2 - 5pm

Ideas Exchange is an event showcasing new works-in-progress for young audiences by artists based in Scotland. Come and join us at The Studio at Festival Theatre in Edinburgh to see new work, offer feedback and network with peers.

The programme for 2018 will be:

Flea - Tortoise in a Nutshell (unknown age range)

Tortoise in a Nutshell present an anarchic fast-paced exploration of sibling rivalry in miniature.  Flea is an early idea performance for young audiences which uses puppetry, object manipulation and magic to make an exciting multi-sensory experience.

To Be The Best Too - Circus Geeks  (age 5+)

To Be The Best Too is the story of Anthony Gatto and how he became ‘The World’s Greatest Juggler’.  Told by Arron and Owen (certainly not the world’s greatest jugglers) through storytelling, parody, some fancy footwork and, of course, juggling.

Here Before Now - Cultured Mongrel Dance Theatre (unknown age range)

Here Before Now asks what is means to be unwell and how we talk about illness through a playful combination of movement, text and sound from Nik Paget-Tomlinson.  Drawing from Emma Jayne Park’s experiences of undergoing chemotherapy in 2015, it hopes to create a space where we can think honestly about the effects of chronic illness and act as a catalyst for candid conversations between young people and their support network.  The work is being explored as a potential living room performance for those who cannot attend the theatre due to immunodeficiency or anxiety disorders. 

SEXXES - Mamoru Iriguchi (age 13+)

Fancy a roller-coaster time-travel ride about sex and gender?  Come and see SEXXES.  From the ancient past where our hermaphrodite ancestors enjoyed the amazing gender-free life, to the present time where harsh binary sometimes seems to be dominating.  And, what could the future hold?  Heavily equipped with his DIY digital devices, Mamoru Iriguchi helps teenagers swim in the incredibly fluid ocean of gender.

We would love you to join us in the morning at our sector discussion event, you can find full details and how to book here.