Migration Lab

20 February 2018 — 1 March 2018
The Ark
  • Tuesday 20 February 10:00

We are delighted to announce our third PUSH Lab is now open for applications.  This will be an 8-day residential laboratory that will focus on the topic of Migration hosted by our Irish partner The Ark. It will take place from 20 February - 1 March 2018. 
As with the Gender and (over)protection Labs, 14 paid places will be allocated through an application process for artists based in Scotland, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Norway.

The Lab will focus around themes of immigration, emigration and asylum.  Across the eight days of the LAB we wish to explore with artists the following questions: 

  • Over half of the worlds displaced people are children, what is the role of the artist in telling/representing their stories?
  • What do children in Europe understand of the current Immigration crisis? How can we explore and interrogate this in an age-appropriate and artistically interesting way?
  • Do children who have been displaced and live in Europe see themselves represented in culture?
  • What are the risks in trying to explore such an emotive issue through theatre and dance for an audience of children?
  • How do we actively make our sector more diverse and inclusive to encourage artists who are telling their own stories?

Lab Call Outs 

Here is a link to the call outs for each country, you should apply through the country where you are based. The deadline for Scotland, Belgium, Ireland and Norway is Wednesday 25 October and for artists based in Denmark it is Friday 27 October.

Scotland (Imaginate) - this call out is OPEN

Ireland (The Ark) - this call out is OPEN

Norway (Scenekunstbruket) - this call out is OPEN

Belgium (Krokusfestival) - this call out is OPEN

Denmark (Åben Dans) - this call out is OPEN

 If you would like to find out more you can email push@imaginate.org.uk or contact the PUSH partner in your country.