Scratch That! at Summerhall

12 October 2017
  • Photo by Elspeth Chapman
  • Thursday 12 October 19:30
Booking information

Tickets are free but limited so should be booked in advance through our Eventbrite link here.

Come and join us in The Anatomy Lecture Theatre at Summerhall for Scratch That!, an evening of new ideas for young audiences that are still in development. The programme will consist of four short, early-stage performances curated through an open call out.  Here is the full programme:

Elspeth Chapman

Transpire (Age - tbc)
A wordless performance about finding the courage to explore new places and try new things - featuring a curious puppet and a mysterious cloaked figure who do not always see eye to eye.

Puppet is only just discovering the wonders of our world – the colours, textures, sounds and shapes. He thinks they are truly marvelous. But his companion has forgotten how magnificent the world can be and is afraid to look beyond her cloak. Can Puppet convince her to emerge?

Samuel Jameson

On Demand (Age 5+)
It’s coming up to the dinner rush at The Sunflower Heights Condoplex, and Davina is pulling a double shift in the Demand Shaft, deep within the walls of the block.  All of the residents are needing food and entertainment right now, and Davina is doing the best she can to keep them happy. And she still has to fix that light bulb…

Designed, written and performed by Samuel Jameson
Directed by Nikki Kalkman

Jen McGregor

Second Child (Age12+)
Second Child is a work in progress by award-winning writer Jen McGregor. Through text, song and movement the piece explores the way a family murder affects the next generation after it. Adolescence is tricky enough without a traumatised parent to manage, so what do you do when your need for freedom is at odds with your Mum’s PTSD?

Anna Noonan               

Tea Dance, Fragile Existence  (Age - tbc)
A development of a series of installations which play with projection, dance and miniature scale.

In Tea Dances, a tea tray with several items of crockery is surround by a circle of cushions on which the audience can sit as they watch. The choreography unfolds between the crockery as a miniature figure appears and dances in the teacups, saucers, sugar bowls and tea bag dishes. In keeping with the aesthetic of the installation several books are placed around, inviting the possibility to pick up these up and play with them under the projection as time passes. In Fragile Existence, figures appear (and disappear) on rows of white card houses. Although subtle, the choreography builds in pace and complexity throughout the duration of the piece, inviting the viewer to explore notions of home, what home might be, what the relationship of the body to home might be and who exists inside or outside of a home.

The Scratch That! performances will finish around 9.15pm followed by networking drinks in the Royal Dick Bar at Summerhall.