FRAMES - artist residency with St Crispin's School


As part of Imaginate’s ongoing programme of artist residencies supporting new performance ideas for young audiences, Imaginate and St Crispin’s school will host artist Ellie Griffiths from September – December 2017 in a project called FRAMES.  This one-term pilot project will fund Ellie to spend time with pupils in the school with time for her own research to explore performance ideas for young, neurodiverse audiences.


Ellie has observed that a lot of young people on the autistic spectrum really seem to engage more with visuals or sound that is framed and directional so would like to play with the possibilities of framing as an aesthetic approach of making performance.

This will involve lots of creative explorations with spotlights, sensory objects, sound through tubes, viewing mini performances through tubes, making mini performances to be enjoyed through headphones and ear defenders, making one to one mini performances and finding ways to clear peripheral clutter and noise to create focused creative environments. This will involve a lot of improvisation and the use of intensive interaction as much as possible.

Alongside this Ellie will be researching framing used in cinematography, dance films, and scenography to create enjoyable performance viewing experiences for this audience, that do not necessarily follow normal theatre traditions.

You can read Ellie's project blog posts below in the Related News section.

If you would like to talk about this project, or for further information about Imaginate's creative development work, you can contact Fiona Ferguson (Creative Development Director).

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