Lily Garget


My name is Lily Garget and I’m 19 years old. I am passionate about theatre and children’s theatre and am so excited to be a part of this project! 

I am part of Dundee Rep’s Young Company and we are currently devising a piece for NTS Exchange festival this summer. I am currently training at the RCS’s Junior Conservatoire in Acting, third year, and we are devising a piece for RCS’s “On the Verge” Festival this summer at the Citizens Theatre Glasgow. I have also worked with Daniel Livingston on a shadow puppetry workshop and was so inspired and intrigued in the work he is currently producing for children without spoken word.

From being part of other youth groups in places across the world (Abu Dhabi, Oxford, Dundee and Glasgow) I have gained a strong idea of what kind of work I like watching and also making - work which is visually memorable with a deep, urgent meaning. I am committed to making any space I work in open and inviting but always challenging and am so excited to be a part of bringing interesting and intriguing theatre to children this summer!

I believe art is for everyone, especially children and I am passionate about theatre, young people and children’s place within theatre. 

I’m also an embroidery artist and am holding a solo art exhibition in Brechin Townhouse Museum until 10th of March!