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Koleka Putuma
South Africa
12+ yrs and adults

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The rhythm of the language and the story of the lives of four young girls living on the edge of society will raise questions about belonging, community and death to be explored in Literacy, Health and Well Being and Religious and Moral Education.

Opportunities for learning and curriculum links


I develop my literacy skills when I have opportunities to

  • develop my understanding of what is special, vibrant and valuable about my own and other cultures and their languages
  • explore the richness and diversity of language, how it can affect me, and the wide range of ways in which I and others can be creative

Health and Well Being: I know that friendship, caring, sharing, fairness, equality and love are important in building positive relationships. I care and show respect for myself and others.

HWB 1-05a/HWB 2-05a/HWB 3-05a

Religious and Moral Education: I am developing my understanding of how my own and other people’s beliefs and values affect their actions.

RME 2-09d


Class Stage
Curriculum Links
Health and Wellbeing
Literacy and English
Religious and Moral Education
Traverse Theatre
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Traverse Theatre
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, EH1 2ED
  • Wednesday 30 May 13:30
  • Wednesday 30 May 19:30
  • Thursday 31 May 10:30
  • Thursday 31 May 13:30

*Warning: This show contains strong themes, which some pupils may find challenging.

Duration: 55 minutes

Mbuzeni (the act of asking for an answer from God) tells the story of four orphan girls, their sisterhood, and their fixation with burials. The story takes place in a tiny remote South African village where the only cemetery that exists separates the villagers from the orphans.

In this community there are rules and regulations for burials which are strictly observed and strongly enforced. Rules which the villagers have observed and ones the girls continue to break when they play ‘burials’ at the gravesite. Their defiance will come at a price…

From one of South Africa’s most acclaimed young black female voices, comes a lyrical tale about sisterhood and friendship, infused with dark humour. With singing, music, poetry and the tonal clicking language of Xhosa, Mbuzeni explores obsession in the lives of four young girls.

"Mbuzeni has a redemptive feeling about it. Although it does not glorify death, it demystifies it through a playful mysticality." Cape Times 2016


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