News: Exciting new collaboration with Mamoru and Trickster-p!

19 June 2017


Earlier this year, we ran a 5-day workshop with Trickster-p at Summerhall as part of our year-round creative development programme.  We first met Trickster-p when they brought h.g. to Imaginate Festival in 2012, a production that was much loved by both our audiences and artists.  The incredible quality of their aesthetic and design inspired us to bring them to Scotland one day to work with designers and makers here so we were delighted to be able to make that happen.

A talented group of ten artists were selected to take part, exploring the use of space, sound and design elements to create performance for young audiences.  We are over the moon that Trickster-p have invited one of those artists, Mamoru Iriguchi, to work with them on their next production as this exemplifies our desire to bring interesting artists together and facilitate new collaborations.

"I am extremely thrilled to be involved in the development of Nettles, Trickster-p's new project. I would like to thank Imaginate who turned out to be our matchmaker by having invited them to Edinburgh to lead a brilliant and thought-provoking workshop that I participated in this spring."  Mamoru Iriguchi

We asked Trickster-p (Cristina Galbiati & Ilija Luginbühl) to tell us about their experience in Edinburgh and interest in working with Mamoru:

"Last March we were invited by Imaginate to give a masterclass for local artists in Scotland.  To share our work through masterclasses and workshops is always a great opportunity for us because it allows us to question our practice and to meet professionals from different backgrounds and contexts.

The masterclass in Edinburgh was extremely interesting in terms of human and artistic meetings.

We are now starting work on a new project which will be first presented in April 2018, usually while working on a new project we invite some artists to cooperate with us with the aim of bringing the work new perspectives and ways of looking at things.

“Nettles”, the title of the new work, will be a further step into the analysis of space and sound which has been the focus of Trickster's work over the course of the last few years. The subject of the work will be childhood, in a very wide sense, and will be the outcome of research which focused on the cross-contamination of different art forms, searching for points of intersection between both physical and sound spaces in the shape of an installation.

When we think about childhood we refer to a very specific atmosphere and to a peculiar way of perceiving the world and reality. The one of “Nettles” is a «not tamed » childhood, extremely close to nature, a restless, and at the same time raw, childhood.

After having met Mamoru in Edinburgh we decided to ask him to join us as an artistic collaborator for “Nettles".  Mamoru has a strong practice as a designer and an extremely rich imagery. In some ways, his way of working is far away from ours and we are strongly convinced this diversity can bring something very interesting to the work. Together we’ll explore space not just as decorative scenography but as a central element in creating a conversation with the audience."