Imaginate at The Tron - Lou Brodie

Photo by Eoin Carey

We are absolutely delighted to be able to support Lou’s work through this residency. ‘Your Words In My Mouth’ stood out to our panel for its marriage of bold material and approach, and for the genuine openness to the questions Lou will be asking with her week in the Changing House.

—Michael O' Neill, Creative Producer Tron Theatre

Lou is a performance maker, applied artist and project manager who has recently relocated to Inverness. She applied to Imaginate at The Tron - a partnership between Imaginate and the Tron Theatre's LabWeek programme - so she could have time and space to explore her project your words in my mouth, performed by and for teenagers.

"I've originally presented your words as a very short 10 - 15 minute scratch performance. My hope for the week is to explore the arc of what a 'full length' work could be by having concentrated time with a dramaturg, choreographer and performers. I'm keen to use the lab time to think about the framing of the performance for the audience. As your words currently uses Lip syncing as its performance style it's really great to have the opportunity to think about and play with how we can use that with other conventions to create a fully rounded experience for its intended audience. It's a bit of a privilege to have time and space to ask loads of questions and try and figure out some creative answers." Lou Brodie

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