Green Imaginate

Our commitment

It is Imaginate’s mission that more children have access to good quality work more often.

Imaginate recognises that through the festival and year round programme of activity we have an impact on the environment. Through this policy and the support of the Imaginate team and Board of Directors, we aim to monitor and reduce our environmental impact where possible and limit avoidable carbon emissions.

We are committed to doing our part to reduce our energy and material consumption, looking for ways to improve year on year, not just in our festival operations, but in our wider year round work. Through our networks and programme we will also continue to encourage debate and share best practice with the wider children and young people’s sector.

As an organisation we aspire to help achieve the wider Festivals Edinburgh Environment Strategy, which has the vision:

By 2020 Edinburgh’s Festivals will be firmly established as excelling in environmental sustainability, by taking responsibility for their environmental impacts and pioneering initiatives to reduce their carbon emissions.

Imaginate is a Green Arts Festival.

We need your help

Go Green: Choose to have a digital version of our brochure rather than a printed version. If you currently receive your Imaginate Festival brochure by post every year and would like to change the way you receive your future brochures, you can email us at and we will change your preferences for you.

Recycled brochures: Our Festival brochure is printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mixed paper which is a combination of FSC 100% and Recycled content**. Any brochures left at the end of the Festival are recycled. You can help us by recycling your copy of our brochure when you are finished with it or by passing it to a friend.

Use our Recycling facilities: Imaginate’s festival venues participate in the Green Arts Initiative a project to help green Edinburgh’s venues. Please use their recycling facilities and support their efforts at making Edinburgh a green festival city.

Accommodation in Edinburgh: If you need a place to stay during your visit to Imaginate, please check out which accommodation providers are reducing their environmental impact by visiting the Green Tourism Business Scheme’s website. With over 700 members, each business is assessed and graded depending on which level of energy efficiency they achieve.

**FSC 100% is described as originating from an FSC certified forest. FSC Recycled product means that a minimum of 85% of the wood fibre content is from post-consumer sources, with a maximum of 15% coming from post-industrial sources.