• Photo by Jassy Earl

Eoin is a Glasgow based performance maker and participatory artist. His practice spans contemporary performance, live art, choreography, writing and time-based actions; often attempting to unearth a ‘liveness’ in whatever process he is engaged with. His work is concerned with ideas of transcendence, failure, and interrogating the complexity of the everyday experience. Eoin is passionate about working in ways that encourage new relations between people and the spaces they inhabit with the hope of finding more progressive and compassionate ways of being in the world.

Most recently Eoin has directed Shaking The Habitual with the Platform Young Company which was presented at the Chrysalis Festival in October 2018 at the Traverse Theatre and is performing his solo dance work In The Corner Of My Mind There Is A Small Boy Dancing as part of Outskirts Festival at Platform on the 27th April 2019. 

Eoin is collaborating with performance makers Ricky Williamson and Dan Cox to create All Or Nothing; a performance work for young boys exploring failure, fear, and resilience. Eoin hopes to unearth a masculine tenderness and vulnerability through making this work, whilst creating a space for young boys to reconcile with the facades we are presented, told to emulate, and eventually construct for ourselves. 

Eoin is currently a Launchpad artist with Imaginate.