Catherine Allison

  • c. Samantha Allison

Catherine Allison is a Glasgow-based artist currently studying BA (Hons) Contemporary Performance Practice at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Her work is interested in collaboration, with a particular focus on theatre with young people. As a performance maker and facilitator, her work focusses on sensations, relationships, and the ways we engage world around us – creating performance that is nostalgic and personal. Catherine’s practice is socially engaged, and she has recently been researching what it means to be ‘live’ in a performance collaboration with her family, whilst interrogating the possibilities and limitation of working online.   

Over the next four months Catherine will be working with Imaginate on a professional placement to broaden her knowledge of collaboration and theatre for young people, exploring the different way's practitioners approach facilitation and the creation of performance with young people, as well as how this has had to be altered for an online platform.