Emily Nicholl

  • Photo by Mark Dawson

Emily Nicholl is one of Scotland’s leading circus and physical theatre artists. With a background in politics and environmental education, she has a keen interest in finding narratives within striking, original and honest physicality and creating in the places between disciplines. She works dynamically with improvisation in dance, hand to hand and doubles aerial as a flyer.  Research interests lie in our relationship with the outdoors and in art which surprises, ask questions and tells meaningful stories in accessible ways. 

Emily co-devised and toured internationally with the Total Theatre award winning Tipping Point with Ockham's Razor and was on the creative team for their new intergenerational show This Time. She creates duets with dancer Nathan Johnston based around how two different bodies meet in movement and has worked with the all-female circus Mimbre. Other experience includes with the critically acclaimed #Pianodrome, NoFitState Circus, The Royal Lyceum Theatre, EEA and Peut Etre Theatre. Emily founded SharEdCircus, to enhance the training and skill sharing possibilities in Scotland and works also as rigger, stage manager and producer. An avid rock climber, she believes in pushing the celebration of all womxn and girls in climbing and sports and works with organisations such as the Women’s Climbing Symposium. She also writes and take photos.