Jamie Rea

Jamie Rea is a Deaf artist, visual artist; raised in Northern Ireland and living in Glasgow since 2015. His first language is BSL. He was a member of the first cohort of students in the RCS BA Performance in BSL and English, graduating in 2018. 

He has collaborated with cultural organisations across England and Scotland Including Creative Electric,  National Theatre of Scotland, BUZZCUT, Take Me Somewhere and Solar Bear as a BSL consultant including embedding access, hosting and promotion, workshop leader and performer.

"I am deeply passionate about arts & culture. When I first encountered it there were obvious communication barriers between hearing and Deaf communities however I am a person to break down walls and show there are possible ways. I believe every element of the cultural sector should have deaf people embedded within, to build bridges to support Deaf artists and audience to develops and see exceptional performance work. In my professional work, I have been struck by how performance has helped hearing communities open their eyes and ability to see the possible ways."