I am an artist who sings songs, plays parts and makes theatre.


Jude / Sings

In 2013 I was shortlisted as the Best Jazz Vocalist in Scotland. I love jazz and the mini monologues that the Great American Songbook offers. I enjoy ongoing jazz collaborations with Nigel Clark, Euan Stevenson and Harry Hussey. In the summer, I sang in the sea as one of the 9 voice female choir within Hannah Tulikki’s hauntingly beautiful Air falbh leis na h-eòin / Away with the Birds on the island of Canna.

Jude / Plays

As well as performing in my own work, I have played parts in award winning film, TV and theatre. My acting work has taken me all over Scotland and as far away as Mexico. This year I went to New York to perform the title, solo role in Cryptic’s version of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando at Montclair, New Jersey.


Jude / Makes

Last year, in the winter I performed and co-created a version of The Red Shoes in association with Tramway and Shift, In the summer, I curated The Red Shoe Family Day at Tramway – and created The World of Judy Two Shoes “…richly engaging … cleverly detailed … brilliantly bold approach to making theatre for children” Mary Brennan, The Herald

Jude / The Letter J

This year I’ve mostly been making Grandad and Me with Jon Bishop [AKA The Grey Earl]. In 2012, we were supported by Imaginate as part of Ideas Exchange and shared some of our work at Tramway’s Family Day in February.

Working with Imaginate

I am excited and delighted by the opportunity to work with Imaginate as Associate Artist.  I have already been deeply nurtured and encouraged by their support in these forms: Ideas Fund, Ideas Exchange, Workshops and Go + See Fund – and Jon and I [The Letter J] were lucky enough to be whisked off to Denmark to April Festival.  It was a beautiful, inspiring and nourishing time.  I am heartened by the depth of commitment and care that Imaginate offers artists and am grateful for their support – thank you!

Mighty appreciation also for the connection with Kwint and Joke at Kabinet K, Joris and Shanti Works for Tree and Boy Masterclass.  The generosity of information at the Catherine Wheels Touring day and Lynda Radley’s passionate clarity around the subject of Dramaturgy.

Where next? Who knows. I’ll follow my heart and follow my nose!