• c. Cat Thomson

Marion Geoffray is a performer, theatre-maker and creative practitioner. She is also the artistic director of Theatre Sans Accents, an innovative bilingual theatre company in Edinburgh that promotes language learning through the arts to children and adults as well as produces original pieces of theatre by diverse artists based in Scotland. 

Her practice challenges conceptions of home, identity, relationships and communication beyond theatrical and geographical boundaries through a playful and sensory approach.

For the past five years, she’s worked more specifically with early years, children and families and with Starcatchers as an associate artist, she’s been delivering weekly creative play sessions, promoting attachment and encouraging engagement through the arts. From this experience, she’s currently developing a new work in progress “Les Doigts” exploring non-verbal communication with early years and looking at how adults and children communicate on different levels.

Marion is particularly interested in making theatre accessible by placing participants and audience members at the heart of the creative process and the performance. She thrives in a devising and collaborative environment. In 2020, her work took a digital turn as she experimented with delivering sessions online and using technology as a new creative medium to create performances. She benefitted from a micro grant from YTAS to develop a new pilot “My French Wee Box” for children aged 8-12 y.o to learn French through crafts and drama, combining online, offline and face to face activities. She also worked with EIF on their digital Culture Club programme and the Fringe with ON/OFF an exploration of online and offline communication with young people in high school.

Her recent performance credits include: KNOTS (Theatre Sans Accents), SCREECH (Stellar Quines & BOP Make Mend Do work in progress), ROUGH MIX 2020, SANDCASTLES, (dir. Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttirl, writ. by Steve McMahon) and HEAVEN BURNS (dir. Jen McGregor).