Rebecca Lenaerts

Since I finished my theatre studies at the Royal Institute for Cinema, Theatre and Sound (RICTS) in Brussels in 2006, I mainly work in the field of audio stories, storytelling and performance art. The cross-over between artistic disciplines gets my attention. I therefor work regularly in co-creative constellations with artists with other cultural and artistic backgrounds then myself.

In recent years I developed a strong interest in participative art (social art): art created in collaboration, dialogue and exchange with a group of diverse participants with a strong focus on the process. In the past years I conducted a wide range of projects with children and youngsters in schools, with people with visual, mental or physical disabilities, with children in longterm treatment, in elderly homes, with refugees and immigrants, with people in palliative care.

In stead of creating theatre, I seem more interested in theatricality. I have a strong believe in the power of stories and how they can shape our identity and perception and create connection. Wether they are true or not, stories are often a starting point or inspiration in my work. I am interested in people and their story, the big or little tilting moments in a life, the beauty of imperfection and the tin line between fiction and reality. A recurring guidance in what I do is the search for transformation and the
proces of sifting.