Suzi Cunningham

  • Suzi Cunningham

Suzi Cunningham a Scottish-based live-performance artist who delves into ritualistic responses to the seen and unseen. With each concept, she creates and presents performances that are bespoke and responsive to it's unique environment, deeply enriched by her sense of design, voice and movement.

She is deeply influenced by spending time in the natural world and in contrast, explores relationships with manufactured materials, making embodied connections to objects and props in a way that borders transformation. She is fascinated by process, the reinvention and conversion of matter into other matter and uses her body to explore the textures, colours, rhythms, sounds and even smells that this creates. 

With significant training in Butoh dance, she explores the archaeology of the body, uncovering layers of forgotten life and experience. Her current work explores how the primal body meets the modern world.