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This work in progress is being presented as part of Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2019.  Tickets are free but are only available to festival delegates.  You can find out more about registering to be a festival delegate here.

Epic Fail By Cultured Mongrel
Venue: Dance Base 
Tuesday 28 May: 12.00-13.00/14.15-15.15

Is it really your fault? Is it a lesson in disguise? Is it even failure if you don't experience shame? We have all failed but how do we know when we have failed?  Who sets the measure of success and why do we accept it?  Is anyone really born to fail?  Featuring a highly skilled international cast of dancers and costume design from Fraser Lappin, we offer you a series of vignettes that encourage you to question your relationship to failure and the impact your opinions can have on those around you.  Maybe together we can fail better… whatever that means!

Emma is currently one of Imaginate's Accelerator artists.

Cultured Mongrel is the creative handle of Emma Jayne Park: Dancer, Theatre Maker, Collaborator & Micro-Activist. ‘High octane… energetic, witty and playful’ (The Skinny), she encourages people to ask better questions through bringing together unique combinations of skilled artists to create uncompromising performance as a vehicle for social change.  Emma was a PUSH Artist, is an Associate Artist with the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival and received the BENCH Commission 2016, working alongside Charlotte Vincent.

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