Ideas Exchange 2020

29 January 2020
  • Ideas Exchange 2020
Traverse Theatre
  • Wednesday 29 January 18:00-20:00

£3  - tickets can be exchanges at the Traverse Theatre bar after the performance for a drink. 

Booking information

Tickets are bookable via the Traverse Theatre box office. Online, in person or on 0131 228 1404. 

Come and join Imaginate for Ideas Exchange, an evening of new works-in-progress for young audiences by artists based in Scotland, presented in partnership with the Traverse Theatre.

Ideas Exchange is an industry focused event and  a great opportunity to see new work, offer feedback and network with peers. 

The programme will include: 

STRIKE (Age 12+)

A bold, truthful play about the young people’s Climate Action. How do we overcome the obstacles ranging from inconvenient, to annoying, to absurd? Inspired by the School Strikes- particularly by those who stood at the back, away from the megaphone and who were initially reluctant to join in. Those who took action in spite of inhibitions, and conflicted feelings. It’s an emergency and the clock is ticking- can we get there in time?

Hazel Darwin-Clements: Creator & performer | 
Heather Fulton: Director - Artistic Director of Frozen Charlotte |

The Turmeric Trail (working title) 

Berlin is a passionate python owner whose aunt, wrestling with a psychosis, comes to stay while she is on the brink of exams she can’t afford to fail. A new play about the power of our thoughts to create our reality through the eyes of a creature-obsessed teenager. 

" ...You can’t just kick family out, even if they are a python, but there are certain things that get in the way of studying.

Like turmeric.

I’ve already told you about the anti-depression chamber, her room, and how Aunty loves yellow, but now her fingers are always stained yellow and the kitchen benches are constantly stained a blotchy yellow, because she is so obsessed with turmeric. Turmeric root, turmeric fresh grated, in everything, in tea. On toast. Soups. Every single made meal, She says it acts like an antibiotic, and that antibiotics are becoming useless to us and we need to change back, and she’s maybe got a point about all that, but she gargles it. She gargles turmeric. And it is really hard to hide her illness when we go out because she’s made herself so yellow. She even painted her trainers yellow. When they weren’t. Or weren’t supposed to be..." 

Skye Loneragan: Writer | twitter: @SkyeLoneragan
Angie Cassidy, Sean Hay, Liz Strange: Performers 

This performance is part of Imaginate’s Accelerator project which is supported by the PLACE programme, funded by the Scottish Government, the City of Edinburgh Council and the Edinburgh Festivals, and supported and administered by Creative Scotland.

Supported by North Edinburgh Arts

Trivial Drinking (Age 3-6)

Trivial Drinking is a theatrical performance all centred around a tap. A tap that goes into the ground and produces a dark, sticky liquid. No sip of this liquid goes without trace. In Trivial Drinking, we use materials to explore ideas of consumption, ownership and resource sharing in a raucous, messy way!

Inspired by arguments over fossil fuels, this performance was originally developed and broadcast in 2015 for National Theatre of Scotland’s 5 Minute Theatre. This piece is now being developed for young audiences.

Rosa Duncan: Director, Scenographer & Performer | | twitter: @rosydunc
Ross Mann: Co-creator & Performer | twitter: @MannRossMann