Scratch That! at the Traverse

30 October 2018
Traverse Theatre
  • Tuesday 30 October 19:30
Booking information

This event is free but ticketed. Please book through the link above.

Come and join Imaginate at the Traverse Theatre for Scratch That!, an evening of new ideas for work for young audiences, presented in partnership with the Traverse.

Scratch That! programme:

Untitled (age 3+) by Rosa Duncan (one of our Launchpad 2018 artists)
An absurdist and playful exploration, a rulebased performance with lots of wires that either connect to something else or don’t.  This piece will explore the idea of progress, fairness and inequality. We get to experience the emotional states that occur when we achieve something, when we fail and when we push beyond hopelessness.

100% Fully Unqualified (age 6+) by Jassy Earl and Geraldine Heaney 
A performance about failure, risk, anxiety and the fear of being right and wrong. How do you overcome the fear of the unforeseeable and go for it anyway? What’s it like to face your fear of the dark, head on? We don’t know exactly where our game will take us, but the risk and the potential failure of the failing is part of the point. We want to play. We want to fail. Our starting point will be who we are, and where we are.

The Book Smugglers (age 11+) by Sophie Good
A new piece of writing based on the Lithuanian book smugglers who would sneak Lithuanian language books over the border from Prussia when the Russian occupation banned their native language and shut down all printing presses. In one of these true stories, a man's book smuggling family fled Lithuania and ended up in Scotland.  This is a play that will connect us to the myths that make us and really bring to life the importance of physical books.

All or Nothing (age tbc) by Eoin McKenzie (one of our Launchpad 2018 artists)
All or Nothing is a re-staging of a school sports day by a 22 year old adult, 10 years after the last time they took part in one. This time they’ll win - and win in front of an audience of other people so you know that they’re not a loser! All or Nothing is part school sports day, part talent show, part performance lecture exploring the ways in which we are inhibited by our fear of failing, and the joy that comes with letting it all go.

Phone Home (age 14+) by Shotput
You're in the middle of nowhere and it's raining hard. And it's time to phone home. Luckily, in this place at the end of the world, there is one telephone box. That phone connects this place far away and home, but it also becomes a link between the present and the past, the living and the dead. By turns funny and haunting, this piece of dance-theatre for teenagers is created by Shotput, a theatre company is founded and led by Jim Manganello. Phone Home is conceived and performed by Jim Manganello, choreography by Lucy Ireland.

Imaginate Scratch That's events are for early-stage performances of ideas that are still in development. Each of the five pieces will be up to ten minutes long, the performances will finish around 9.15pm followed by networking drinks in the Traverse Bar.

We would like all of our events and opportunities to be accessible to everyone and have a budget to support that.  If you would like to talk with us about how we can help please contact Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director.