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This work in progress is being presented as part of Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2019.  Tickets are free but are only available to festival delegates.  You can find out more about registering to be a festival delegate here.

Which Wires What by The Weather Channel
Venue: Traverse Theatre
Thursday 30 May: 20.30 – 21.15

Which switch is which? Who powers what? Why wires?! What watts?! And where did those bubbles come from...? Surrounded by gazillions of gizmos, coils of cables and a plethora of plugs, Naomi must figure out what connects what, and who connects who, in this fun visual and sonic exploration of power. Will Naomi realise her own power? Will she find out who's in charge? And will she finally figure out Which Wires What?

Which Wires What is playful new performance for audiences aged 2-5 and families.

Rosa Duncan is a Glasgow-based director. She finds joy in the absurd and is passionate about exploring socio-political ideas in an abstract way. Rosa is one of Imaginate’s 2018-19 Launchpad artists, a new project providing sustained support and mentoring for artists to make work for young audiences. She is a co-founder of the Weather Channel. She is currently Associate Director for Morna Young’s Lost at Sea Scottish Tour (Horsecross Arts).

This performance was conceived by Rosa and created in collaboration with Naomi Stirrat, (performer and co-founder of The Weather Channel), Kenneth Macleod (designer) and Michael John McCarthy (sound designer).

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