Access Advisory Group - call-out


Friday 26 January 2024

Credit: How To Take a Photograph of a Dinosaur by Ellen Renton and Emily Nicholl - photo by Emily Nicholl

Friday 26 January 2024

How to apply

Information about how to apply is in the Guidelines which you can download from this page (with versions in writing, with BSL films and with an audio file). You should send your application to with Access Advisory Group as the subject title by the deadline of Friday 26 January 2024.

If you need support to apply for this opportunity, or have questions you would like to ask before application, please contact Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director 

Download Access Advisory Group call out Guidelines

We are looking for three neurodiverse, d/Deaf and/or disabled artists based in Scotland to join our Access Advisory Group, a pilot project that will run from February to May 2024.  This group will review and offer critical feedback about our artist development work including the opportunities we offer, the call-out documents, the Imaginate Access Rider, our application and selection processes. 

The meetings will take place in Edinburgh and online on Thursday 29 February (afternoon), Wednesday 17 April (afternoon) and Thursday 2 May (morning). 

More information about the meetings, the fee for taking part, who we are looking for and about how to apply can be found in the Guidelines:

Download the Application Guidelines (with BSL)

Listen to the Guidelines as an audio file

We are working with Ellen Renton as Lead Artist who has helped us write this call out and who will lead on the content for each meeting and to talk through the feedback collected, so we can take on board suggestions to make our artist development work more accessible and relevant for d/Deaf and/or disabled artists.

If you have access requirements to apply for this opportunity and/or to take part in the meetings let us know, we have a budget to support this. 

We aim to ensure the application and selection process is straightforward and fair. If you have any questions about the process, or the project in general, please email Fiona Ferguson (Creative Development Director, Imaginate) at