Hot Desk at Imaginate

We are delighted to be able to offer free desk space to work within the Imaginate office.  This space is free of charge to those who work in the young audiences sector – makers, performers, designers, technicians, producers, programmers – but must be booked in advance. As our office gets busier in the months leading up to the Festival, the hot desk has less availability from March to mid-June especially on Mondays and Wednesdays. Please email with your preferred days and any access requirements or questions you may have.

Who is hot-desking for?

Anyone who works in/is interested in working with young audiences: artists, freelancers, employees of arts organisations. Here are some examples of why you may like to come hot-desking:

  • You are looking for a free space to do ad hoc admin work. For example, you work from home and would appreciate a change of setting and some company.
  • You are on a day trip to Edinburgh – for a meeting, an event, a class and would appreciate eating your own lunch somewhere and do a few e-mails before heading home.
  • You are interested in connecting with Imaginate team in an informal setting to find out more about the organisation and the people who run it.

What do you get?

  • Access to a desk and a socket to plug your laptop
  • Free tea and coffee, as well as access to a kitchen for lunch (incl. microwave, fridge and toaster)
  • Free wifi
  • Free access to a printer and scanner

What a typical week in Imaginate office looks like

At Imaginate, we work in a big open space with good natural daylight. We like chatting about our day, the latest show we’ve seen and have passionate debates about social issues or the latest TV series available on Netflix. The office can be quite noisy, especially between 13.00-14.00 where we all gather around the big table with tupperwares or takeaways. We’d love it if you could join us for lunch, but don’t feel obliged if you need to get fresh air instead! 

If you are looking for quieter times, the whole team usually works from home on a Tuesday. Our Company Administrator will still be around to let you in, show you how the coffee machine works and be around if you need anything. We share our office spaces with Stellar Quines and Lung Ha. Everyone is back on Wednesday and some of the team works from home on Thursday. No one is around on Friday.

If it’s a warm day in Edinburgh, we advise you to bring light clothing. The office is situated under the roofs and can become very hot.  We have a few fans that you are welcome to use if needed.  Likewise, it can be chilly in the winter so feel free to bring warm clothing and hot water bottles.

Why do we want to share our space with you?

We offer Arts Workers spaces for hotdesking in our office because:  

  • We love welcoming people into our spaces – people that we know and people we don’t! 
  • We know what it feels like to work from home most of the day and needing company/a change of setting without having to pay for endless coffees.  
  • We know what it feels like to be on a day trip, have 2 hours to kill and not sure what to do before catching the cheaper train.
  • Your presence is good for our own networking, so you're also doing us a favour by keeping us company!

Accessibility information 

  • Our office is situated in 30B Grindlay Street and there is a buzzer for Imaginate. If you can’t use a buzzer, we will meet you downstairs at a specific time and take you upstairs.  
  • Our office is situated at the very top of 2 flights of stairs. If you’d like to use the lift instead, we will meet you downstairs and take you to the lifts (they are not easy to find if you’ve never been here before).  
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet