Wild Journey Solo


Wednesday 13 June, 5pm


29 – 31 August 2018 inclusive of travel.


Wednesday 13 June, 5pm


Places on the Wild Journey Solo are free and will be allocated through a selection process.  All food will be provided once on site is included, travel to and from Mull is not included.

How to apply

Email us at applications@imaginate.org.uk with Wild Journeys Solo as the subject line confirming your availabilty for the full dates and answering the following questions:

  • why do you want to take part in this Solo experience, what do you feel the benefit for you would be?
  • what is your connection to/experience within the young audiences sector?
  • have you been on a Wild Journeys & Imaginate journey before and, if yes, which one(s) including day walks and overnight adventures?

This opportunity is open to all who work in the young audiences sector including designers and production staff.

If you would like to talk to us about this opportunity, especially as solo time can be a signficant experience for individuals, please contact Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director.

Imaginate and Wild Journeys invite you to join us for an extended SOLO experience from 29 - 31 August 2018. The trip lasts for three days in total, with a 24 hour solo experience at its heart.

Solo is time spent alone in a wild place. It’s not about survival or endurance – it’s much more a time for reflection and contemplation.

We’ve been running Wild Journeys for several years now. In that time the feedback regarding the Solo aspect of our courses has been consistently very positive. People relish the prospect of time alone with absolutely no agenda and defined parameters. Time away from all of the increasingly distracting aspects of everyday modern life – time simply put aside to be still in nature.

'Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.'  John Muir (1838 – 1914)

With that in mind, we’ve decided to offer Solo as a stand alone experience.

Having recently moved to a 16-acre croft on The Isle of Mull we have access to plenty of spectacular solo spots. On day one (29 August) you’ll travel and then we’ll spend time making sure that you are familiar with all the aspects of solo including setting up your solo space. Day two (30 August) we will go out early and establish our individual solo spot where you’ll spend the next 24 hours. Day three (31 August) we return to the croft, debrief and eat well before the return trip home.

'You'll have adequate but simple shelter to ensure that you can stay warm and dry – we supply you with a small tent as well as a tarp. And you’ll have basic food to ensure you get enough calories – enough to keep your body fuelled but not act as a distraction. It’s not a ‘fast’ but the food is simple and minimal. There’s no tea or coffee and there’s no alcohol.

'I felt like I was listening to my own voice for the first time in a long time… Wild Journeys brought me into a clearer thinking space and has allowed me to gain some perspective.'  Lucy – June 2014

Aside from that – basic food and shelter – we will ask that you take very little else with you. No watch, no phone, no books, no camera. Nothing at all that could act as a distraction from simply being alone in a wild place. The exception is a journal and a pen or pencil to write with.

We will keep the experience safe for you – you’ll know how to access us in emergencies. And we will visit your site during the 24 hour period to ensure that you are OK. (We agree a system for this to ensure that your experience has minimal interruption.) Sites vary in terms of their remoteness but we’ll always make sure you know how to get back if you need to.

'The experience was expertly and generously facilitated – I felt welcome and safe at every stage. Though short, these few days away left me feeling inspired and motivated – easily one of the very best opportunities I have had for personal reflection.'  Matt – January 2017

At the end of solo we’ll spend some time reflecting on the experience – together we’ll ensure that you get the most out of your experience.