Ideas Fund: Buff and Sheen

Staying distant and keeping clean has never been such a big part of trying to get on with your daily business, In this context, Buff and Sheen have a nuanced roll to play, gleeful, gentle, darky comic. In a time when touch is forbidden, we need intimate human connection all the more.

—Alex McCabe and Suzi Cunningham

From The Squeaky Clean Window Clowning Company 

MoonSlide (Alex McCabe and Suzi Cunningham) are creating a roaming, comical dance show aimed at people in isolation. A performance viewed through a window, it will explore how people can touch without touching. The show will reach people in a very close and physical way, without breaching personal space, allowing the intimate power of dance to permeate a glass barrier. 

Versions of this performance will be coming to playgrounds, children's windows, care homes and other community settings once it is safe to do so. A video adaptation of the work, filmed through a window, will also be made available to broader online audiences.

Watch Buff and Sheen advertising their services below, in a film by Geraldine Heaney.

If you would like to talk to us about this project or know a group of children who could benefit from the experience, please contact us.