Brunstane Primary School Artists Residency - Year 1

Katy Wilson - Lead Artist
Geraldine Heaney - Associate Artist

I am excited by children’s ideas, giving people a platform to express themselves. I love collaborating and the process of creating something which only exists due to the commitment of a (sometimes quite random feeling) combination of people involved. I am inspired by experiences which expect great things from children.

—Katy Wilson

The residency took take place between January - March 2020.

Project WildThing will bring back Outdoor (imagination) Education. I think sometimes we stifle children’s need to be physically active in order to do our learning indoors in schools.  I have been developing outdoor immersive journeys for the past few years – alongside my design work, creative work with children and co-ordinating a band. The aim of all my work is to uplift, inspire and connect people of all ages.

We are taking this Imaginate Immerse opportunity to create some magic outdoors with Brunstane primary.  We will get to know the Primary 4 children over 10 weeks by discovering wildlife together, creating and building a story – and encouraging individual ideas and curiosities of  what might be out there in the unknown. Letting imaginations run wild and igniting all the senses. We will learn by doing, by exploring. Their ideas pursued and developed as together we design, make and write.  There will be an exhilarating  adventure..secrets…stories..fantastical creations..and we’ll make a film…the children’s imaginations will be leading the way.

We want to provide opportunities for wonder, for questioning, for play, optimism, hope and imagination. 

There is a bit of ‘re-wilding the child’ inspiration in this film by George Monbiot: