Building your Case


Building Your Case is designed to help artists and small companies who create performances for young audiences navigate the world of funding in Ireland and Scotland. This toolkit should give practitioners a grounding in key policies and an insight into some of the research that shows the benefits that performance and other artforms can bring to children. With this information, plus our other tips, tricks and resources, we believe artists will be able to make a strong case for their work to be funded. 
This project is a collaboration between Imaginate and The Ark, a children’s cultural centre in Ireland. As well as team members in both organisations and a Research Assistant from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, a number of artists in both countries consulted with us on the toolkit content and format. 
This toolkit is not exhaustive: there are plenty more studies out there to dive into and there are limitations to what we have gathered. For instance, the studies currently included in this toolkit are largely from English-speaking, Western contexts and as a result do not include as diverse a set of experiences as they should. But this toolkit is not complete: we intend to adapt and update it in the coming years to include more research, as well as to make improvements based on any feedback artists have for us. We are also conscious of accessibility: this is the first version of the toolkit and future editions will be available to use in more ways, making it accessible for more practitioners. We will also look to incorporate feedback, so please do just drop us a line at or