Canal View Primary School Artists Residency - Year 1

Hannah Venet - Lead Artist
Caitlin Mulgrew - Associate Artist
Anna Noonan - Associate Artist

Over the 10 weeks we will work collaboratively with the 2 P6 classes to explore themes of belonging, connection and autonomy. We will create a series of happenings throughout the school grounds and further afield exploring; Who’s space is this? Who belongs here? What are all the different possibilities?

—Hannah Venet, Lead Artist

The residency took place at Canal View Primary between Sept - Nov 2019. In that time the P6s explored the space in and around the school. Using the canal and surrounding area as inspiration and movement as the starting point, they tested how they might interact creatively with their environment, performing in places and spaces they might not expect. Taking risks, experimenting, challenging and playing with the rules.

Holding, lifting, falling, lying, balancing, climbing, they created movement scores as solos, duos and groups. In addition, using the voice in melodic as well as unusual ways, they created a powerful choir of sound, harnessing the energy and power of the group.

They also worked with filmmaker Joel Venet to capture the live experiments and create something real and tangible for the group to reflect back on. The final sharing was a live performance of the song they wrote together and a screening of the film... with popcorn of course!

Keep Moving song

This residency is supported through a partnership with Barnardo's. We would also like to thank the Peacock’s store in Westside Plaza for their generous product donation to the project, and the Rotary Club of Currie Balerno, who are supporting boat trips for the pupils on the Union Canal.