Focus on Scotland at Ricca Ricca


Imaginate is presenting a “Focus on Scotland” at the Ricca Ricca Festival in Okinawa in July, which will highlight and promote four successful Scottish theatre and dance productions, developing opportunities for cultural exchange and encouraging artistic collaborations between Japan and Scotland.

The festival also includes a symposium to enable Scottish and Japanese artists, programmers and producers to network and develop new collaborations. 

RiccaRicca is one of Asia’s foremost festivals of theatre and dance for children and young people and is noted for its risk-taking programme and commitment to high-quality programming, which has given it a high profile internationally. Imaginate has had a long-standing relationship with Ricca Ricca and has facilitated this showcase as the perfect platform for four Scottish companies to develop new touring opportunities and artistic collaborations.

The four productions which will be part of the Focus on Scotland are:

White by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company

"This is a beautifully acted and neatly thought-out show, as cleverly executed as a conjuring trick – and a reminder why this Scottish company is an innovator in children's theatre." (The Guardian)

Cinderella by Shona Reppe

"A wonderful show that has the audience wriggling with glee...Cinderella is a jewel" (The Herald)

Whiteout by Barrowland Ballet

“Barrowland Ballet brings a thrillingly muscular energy. This is a take on life with genuine strength of conviction in a natural, vivid style. We’re entranced." (The Guardian)

Night Light by Andy Manley and Red Bridge Arts

“An exquisite, captivating instance of children’s theatre at its best.” (The Herald)

This project is supported by the Daiwa Foundation

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