Forthview Primary School Artists Residency - Year 3

c. Kat Gollock
c. Kat Gollock
...growing up is complicated at the best of times

—Lou Brodie

Lead Artist: Lou Brodie
Trainee Artists: Fin Ross Russell and Afton Moran

Lou Brodie, Fin Ross Russell and Afton Moran worked together with Primary 4A and 4B classes at Forthview Primary School in Pilton, Edinburgh.

It's been a weird time of late and growing up is complicated at the best of times. So for this project they went down the rabbit hole! 

What does it mean to go down the rabbit hole? For Lewis Carroll's Alice it meant entering the wild and fascinating Wonderland. For their collaboration with Forthview Primary School's Primary 4A and 4B classes, Lou, Fin and Afton explored what Wonderlands they could create, the rabbit holes they had gone down in recent times, the power and joy of imagination and what it means to grow up and grow into the adult world and rules around us. 

Each week they discussed and were inspired by a new chapter of Carroll's tale, originally written in 1865, in addition to the music, art, fashion and political movements it has influenced in its long history. Taking a nod from the V&A's recent exhibition: Curiouser and Curiouser, their project culminated in an interactive performance installation showcasing the process and the wonder lands of their imagination.