Ideas Fund: Granny Fenella - Part 1

Granny Fenella Part One

Welcome to the wonderful world of Granny Fenella and part one of her story.  Enjoy!

Now you have watched the film, we have two activities you can do at home.

Paper airplanes (suitable for all ages)

Zoe and Christine have made you a film that shows you how to make three different types of paper airplane.  Which will be your favourite?  Which one will fly the furtherst or the highest?  Do send pictures of films of your creations at or you can post on social media using the hashtags #GrannyFenella and #ImaginateIdeas.

Making your own set and film (age 8+)

This activity is more complicated so you might need some help. Zoe and Christine have created this plan for you with links to lots of useful things you can use for free.

Every brilliant video needs a brilliant background. If you have a printer you can download Granny Fenella’s home here:

Print your own Granny Fenella set (colour)
Print your own Granny Fenella set (black & white)

Or you could design and make one of your own. You can use some plants, a bookcase, or even just a tablecloth! 

What story do you want to tell? It can be anything; perhaps a toy comes to life and tries to make cookies; maybe a plant starts mysteriously moving around your house; or maybe a stick figure drawing tries to escape. Here’s an idea to kick-start your story if you want one - What do you see when you’re 1-inch-tall? What is your world if you’re very very small?

Now all you need is the Stop Motion Studio app downloaded onto your phone or device, and you’re ready to go.

Here is the download for Android phones or devices.
Here is the download for Apple phones or devices..

That’s it! You have everything you need, now you can go ahead and make your own video. Don’t forget to share it with Granny Fenella afterwards by sending it to - whether it’s 5 seconds or 10 minutes long, she’d love to see it!

Top Tips

Use our music! Add Granny Fenella’s soundtrack to your own video.

Watch Christine’s Behind the Scenes video with Granny Fenella

If you would like to send us your own films, your own Granny Fenella sets, or photos or films of your brilliant paper airplanes then send them to us at or using the hashtags #GrannyFenella and #ImaginateIdeas.