Ideas Fund: Granny Fenella - Part 2

Granny Fenella Part Two 

Welcome to part two of the story of Granny Fenella.  You can watch the film and then look through the activities below for some fun things to do.

You can watch Part One again here.

Now you have watched the film, we have some activities you can do at home.

Cookies (suitable for age 3+ with adult help)

You can download the recipe here.

Make your own animated film (age 8+)

There are some helpful tips in Granny Fenella Part One.  If you haven't downloaded the Stop Animation app yet you can do that here:

Here is the download for Android phones or devices.
Here is the download for Apple phones or devices.

To help you can watch Christine’s second Behind the Scenes video with Granny Fenella, about how to make your very own fake cake:

You could also add Granny Fenella’s cake soundtrack to your own video.

Here’s some questions that might help kick-start your video:

“What sorts of things can food make you feel?

What are the stories you can tell with your meal?”

It doesn’t have to be just cake and cookies. Lots of foods come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes - especially vegetables! Can you make them into buildings, or spaceships, or little people, and what stories do they tell?