Ideas Fund: Granny Fenella - Part 3

Granny Fenella Part Three 

Welcome to the final episode in the story of Granny Fenella.  You can watch the film and then look through the activities below for some fun things to do.

If you have watched Part One and Two you can find them here:

Granny Fenella Part One
Granny Fenella Part Two

Make your own animated film (age 8+)

There are lots of tips in the previous pages for Part One and Part Two.

You can also watch Christine's Part Three behind-the-scenes film here:

And if you would like to use the soundtrack from Part Three you can find it here.

Make your own origami animals (age 6+)

Origami Video Tips

You don’t need to keep up with the video! Pause it whenever you want.
Make sure to press down and make your folds really strong.
If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can always unfold and try again.

You can find out how to make more origami animals here.

If you have a printer you can download free printable origami paper here.

Postcard Activity (all ages)

Why not pretend you’re going on holiday? You can pick anywhere in the world and write a postcard imagining you’re in that place - just like Fenella’s grandson Tom! You can even draw a picture of it like on a real postcard. Then, post it to your own Granny so she can join in the fun!


A place where foxes and and penguins can roam,
What beasts can you meet right here in your home?

As always, if you would like to send us your own films, your own Granny Fenella sets, or photos or films of your brilliant paper airplanes then send them to us at or using the hashtags #GrannyFenella and #ImaginateIdeas.