Image by Siân Bevan
Image by Siân Bevan

Small Small Rainbows is a celebration of tiny stories: reading them, writing them and playing with them. 

Every day in June, writer and comedian Siân Bevan shared very short stories for families to share, over breakfast, after arguments or just before bed when everyone’s slumped. The stories are tiny and joyful, and include tips for grown-ups on ways to read the stories and chats you can all have about them.

You can download all Sian's stories as an eBook here.

She’s also shared videos and downloadable resources to help anyone who would like to write their own stories. Spelling’s not important, and there are lots of ways to use games, fidgeting, drawing and play to make short short stories for yourself.

Some of the work are aimed at ages 5-9, and some for ages 10+. Click on the relevant box below to find out more for your age group.

If you’re a bit older (or even a lot older), you might be interested in Small Rainbows - a newsletter which sends a small story every weekday to cheer up your email inbox.