Ideas Fund: Search for the Lighthouse

We are all in a surreal and unnatural period at the moment. Like a storm, it will pass and the world will be a better place. This story will engage young children to learn about a better future.

—Petre Dobre

In this series of videos, Deaf artists Petre Dobre and illustrator Alice Muir tell the story of a sailor, travelling on his ship on a rainy, windy sea. The story is told visually (visual vernacular), with the artist making use of props and costumes to keep young children engaged and make the story come to life: a bright yellow raincoat, flashing lights to represent the lightening, fairy lights to represent the stars, water sprays to create waves.

If you are not a BSL user, make sure you watch the BSL tutorial videos first so you can understand the story better. The BSL videos are subtitled to make sure they are accessible to all.