Imaginate at Lyth Arts Centre - Ellie Dubois (June 2020)

Nosedive by Superfan - photo by Brian Hartley
I’m keen to explore, via metaphor, how the act of protecting someone can actually make performing circus tricks more, rather than less, dangerous. I am so excited to be working with Imaginate and with Lyth Arts Centre and to be creating work in a rural setting.

—Ellie Dubois

Ellie Dubois is a performance maker based in the Highlands, she is also one third of SUPERFAN, a performance company making work for adults and young audiences.  Ellie applied for Imaginate at Lyth Arts Centre with a new performance idea aimed at 3 - 5 year olds and their adults.  She will work at Lyth Arts Centre with acrobat and performer Nat Whittingham and designer Rachel O’Neill during the week of 22 June this year.

"During this residency I want to look at attitudes towards safety, danger and risk in relation to children. As adults we are torn between letting them run free and negotiate danger for themselves and wrapping them up and keeping them safe. 

I use circus to make my work and circus has an interesting relationship to danger and risk taking. A difficult trick becomes safe to perform because of skill honed by repetition and previous experience of failure. All learning requires an element of risk, but it can be a controlled risk. But if those around you are so worried for your safety they stop you trying or mitigate the risk so you will never learn." Ellie Dubois

This opportunity is a partnership between Imaginate and Lyth Arts Centre

Lyth Arts Centre