Imaginate Teachers Club

(c) David Monteith-Hodge
(c) David Monteith-Hodge

Throughout 2019-2023, we built fantastic connections with a teachers through Teachers Theatre Club with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society. Each year we worked with a new cohort of 10 teachers, and now we have an amazing network of 40+ teachers.

From 2024 onwards, we will be working with this network to establish the Imaginate Teachers Club. Participants will attend performances at the Edinburgh International Children's Festival, Edinburgh's August festivals, and year-round. They will also take part in post-show discussions where they have the opportunity to meet theatre and dance professionals including artists, designers, programmers, critics and production staff.

Taking part in the project fosters connections between learning professionals, allowing them to build community and share ideas for teaching expressive arts at school. Meeting industry professionals also gives teachers a deeper insight into the creative process, enhancing their own skillset for the classroom. Teachers Club also provides an opportunity to build meaningful connections between teachers, artists and Imaginate.

We are excited to be taking the Imaginate Teachers Club to the following performances during the Edinburgh International Children's Festival 2024:

  • NOHOMO (work in progress) 
  • By Trial and Error
  • Black

For more information about this project, email Anna Broomfield, Schools & Communities Project Coordinator (