Passing On Inspiration

Credit: Photo by Elspeth Chapman
This project is inspired by the appreciation of small things. At the moment I am locked down in my flat and, although I don’t realise it all the time, I am surrounded by objects that have a story to tell. Doing creative activities during this weird time is helping my mental health as it lets my imagination flow and distracts me from everything else. This is why I think this activity could be a rewarding thing for children to do right now, plus, it keeps them feeling connected to each other. Also, being posted a mysterious letter is exciting!

—Elspeth Chapman

Passing On Inspiration

Elspeth Chapman will be working with the P3 pupils and Miss Kavanagh at St Ninian's R.C. Primary School. Passing On Inspiration will inspire story writing and art making with the children, as well as reconnecting them with each other when they are all at home.

The project is made up of three parts:

Part 1 

Each child will receive an unexpected object in a parcel, delivered to their home. This object could be a leaf, a feather, a button, an origami crane, a baby’s sock or a holiday postcard, for example. Each child will be encouraged to write a story about this: what is it, where did it come from, what is the story behind it? Children will then return their stories to their teacher, Miss Kavanagh and these will be typed up by Elspeth.

Part 2

Children will then be sent one of their classmate's stories to read and will then be encouraged to create some art inspired by it. The art could be a painting, a plasticine sculpture, a collage, a dance, a song or even a play! There are no restrictions on this and we want the children's imaginations to run free at home! 

Part 3 

Pupils will be asked to take a picture or video of their artwork creation and this be returned to Miss Kavanagh. Elspeth and Imaginate will then curate an online gallery of the original objects, stories, and artwork, showcasing just how far the children's imaginations have come.