Inspiring Schools - Immerse


This exciting project, working with six adventurous schools, will embed world-class performances and artists in the school community from Aug 2019 to July 2022. The project will bring renowned theatre-makers Punchdrunk to Scotland for the first time, to deliver their unique and innovative productions taking over schools and developing deep relationships over three years.

Inspiring Schools - Immerse will kick off with the visit of Punchdrunk Enrichment’s immersive production The Lost Lending Library transforming the school building itself while offering staff, teachers and parents a thrilling adventure. This 3-week long high-impact theatrical experience will transport schoolchildren into the inner world of an 814-floor library that magically appears in their school. Working together, pupils will pick up clues to unlock this mystery, helped by a ‘library guardian’ who recruits them as story-writing apprentices...

The creative spark generated by the show will be harnessed across three years through artist residencies, teacher CLPL, festival visits and bespoke creative projects which will have a deep, lasting impact on pupils and teachers.

Integral to the programme will be the year-round presence of Imaginate and a team of Scottish artists, who will tailor their interventions to each school’s needs and build strong relationships with pupils and teachers, creating the foundations for profound and lasting change.  The structure of the project also involves a gradual transfer of skills and leadership to teachers, so that by year 3, teachers will be leading their own creative projects, with support from artists.

This ambitious, ground-breaking programme will put high quality theatre and dance at the heart of schools and will transform children’s learning in the selected schools.