Photo by Jassy Earl

This new 2-year project provides sustained support and mentoring to four theatre and dance artists who seek to make work for young audiences. It is running from September 2018 to August 2020 in parallel with our Accelerator project ensuring those at an early stage of their careers can find a way into the sector.

Each artist will benefit from:

  • A small budget to develop a new Scratch performance 
  • Go and See funding: ticket and travel expenses to see and be inspired by relevant work
  • Mentoring: Imaginate staff will offer ongoing artistic mentoring 
  • Access to marketing, financial and production expertise: Launchpad artists will be offered the in-house expertise of Imaginate’s core team, with additional specialised support as required
  • A platform to share: Launchpad artists will be invited to share an early-stage presentation of their idea at a Scratch That! event.  As part of this event they will receive audience feedback and a professional set of production shots
  • Support to apply for production funding: if the artists wish, Imaginate will assist them to submit a funding application to develop their idea towards a full-scale production

Two artists, Rosa Duncan and Eoin McKenzie, were selected for Launchpad 2018/19, following an open call-out. They will both perform at our next Scratch That! event at the Traverse Theatre on Tuesday 30 October.  

If you would like to discuss this project, or any other opportunity with Imaginate, please contact Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director.

Launchpad is funded by the Garrick Charitable Trust which focus on supporting actors, directors, writers, musicians, composers and choreographers in the early stages of their careers.