Launchpad - Alex McCabe

Photo by Eoin Carey
Photo by Eoin Carey

My interest in making work for babies developed through devising and performing with some of Scotland’s leading makers of dance for very young audiences, meanwhile seeing a young flatmate grow up from zero to 2. Increasingly I’ve come to imagine a more abstract performance form than what I currently see in the field. I seek to stimulate early-years and adult audiences equally by focusing on the overlaps between their desires and interests. I want to create space for meaningfully shared cultural experiences for babies, parents and non-parents alike, in order to deconstruct something of the cultural exclusion faced by new parents in our society.

—Alex McCabe

Through Launchpad, Alex will develop a performance installation for adults and babies, drawing from Butoh, live-captured sound manipulation and conceptual fashion. Each of the radically structural costumes and set elements in Song Skins [working title] is a unique, electronic musical instrument, invented to purpose. Through them, performer and audience actions co-create an otherworldly, multi-sensory experience.

Alex is a choreographer, dancer and musician based in Glasgow. His work creates environments that bring audiences together around creative acts, enabling out-of-the-ordinary human connections. Proud achievements include Grip, a participatory multi-media performance currently touring Italy (2016-present), and choreographing Pagliacci, Scottish Opera’s first immersive and participatory full-scale production (2018).

Alex straddles art forms, having trained in music on multiple instruments from childhood before retraining in dance and choreography through Scotland’s DEBS at Dance Base. He now performs worldwide in both art forms in collaboration with companies including Fattoria Vittadini, The British Paraorchestra, Caroline Bowditch, Curious Seed, Luke Pell, Barrowland Ballet, Paragon Music. He interprets between several languages for international arts festivals and has initiated and lead on high-profile international collaborations such as the Scotland-Italy Inclusive Artist Training Exchange (2019) or the Mirabilia Scotland Focus (2016), both geared towards opening new international gateways for Scotland’s performing arts sector.