Launchpad - Dan Brown

NOHOMO sharing at Ideas Exchange Oct 2023 - Photo by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
NOHOMO sharing at Ideas Exchange Oct 2023 - Photo by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan
I applied for Launchpad because I wanted to use my experience and inspirations from working with young people to create something that I think is challenging, joyous and also completely necessary in regards to the world young people are growing up in now. I am super excited to get started and have the support of Imaginate to help bring this voyage to life!

—Dan Brown

‘This is my space, my version of space, just like the space movies - alone and isolated” A lone Astronaut stands masked in the darkness, a film of astronauts on the moon are projected behind them and the Astronaut begins to dance a zero gravity dance to a hyper pop soundtrack.

During his Launchpad Placement, Dan explored a new dance piece called NOHOMO that follows a lone astronaut lost in deep bubblegum space trying desperately to find their own space - a place to call home, to feel like they belong.

Drawing from his own autobiography as a young queer, working class person who has had to manoeuvre different spaces in order to survive/pass, NOHOMO is a space exposé of the patriarchal constraints placed on young queer working class people and how that shapes a person into finding their space. 

Dan shared a scratch of NOHOMO as part of Ideas Exchange on 25 October 2023, here is a short film by Cedric Audinot documenting this.

As part of Launchpad, Dan also  led had an r&d week at Dance Base, ran some workshops with pupils at Tynecastle High School alongside artists Sally Charlton and Emma Lewis-Jones, had mentoring with Tony Mills and Luke Pell, and attended EXPORT/IMPORT Festival from 9 to 12 November with a group of artists and Imaginate staff.

Creative Team (NOHOMO)

Dan Brown – Lead Artist
Costume Designer – Alison Brown
Dramaturg – Emma Lewis-Jones
Video advisory – Jamie Wardrop
Workshop facilitator - Sally Charlton
Mentors – Luke Pell and Tony Mills

With thanks to 21Common.

Launchpad is supported by the Backstage Trust and the Garrick Charitable Trust. This Launchpad is in partnership with Dance Base.