Launchpad - Eoin McKenzie

Photo by Jassy Earl
Photo by Jassy Earl

I applied for Launchpad because more and more I’ve been feeling that making work for young people is one of the most radical things for performance makers to be doing. I’m hoping to make something challenging, contemporary and idiosyncratic - that’s true to my own style! I’ve been worrying about failing since I was a kid so I’m looking forward to finally being able to try and reconcile it through performance! 

—Eoin McKenzie

Eoin McKenzie is a performance maker, facilitator, and director from Glasgow whose work skirts between the edges of choreography, live art, and contemporary theatre. Interested in how we experience the world around us, and the ways in which we shape it, Eoin uses performance as a tool to renegotiate our human narratives often seeking more compassionate and caring modes of being in the world. Eoin is excited by ideas of impermanence, transcendence, and failure. 

Eoin was one two Launchpad artists in 2018/19, who has had artistic and producing support from Imaginate to develop a new scratch idea, called All or Nothing, that was shared at a Scratch That! event at the Traverse Theatre in October 2018.  He attended Tweetakt Festival with Imaginate in April 2019 to finish up his Launchpad residency.

"All or Nothing grew out of a fascination with my own fear of failure - the moments where I noticed myself being terrified of making a social faux pas; or paralysed by a growing worry that I might have got the times for cooking my dinner wrong; or being anxious about saying the wrong things in the wrong moments. Recently I’ve been trying to give less importance to these fears, and instead revel in my shortcomings. Now I’m becoming more and more excited by how we might celebrate the ways we get things wrong! 

All or Nothing is a re-staging of a school sports day by a 22 year old adult, 10 years after the last time they took part in one. This time they’ll win - and win in front of an audience of other people so you know that they’re not a loser! 

All or Nothing is part school sports day, part talent show, part performance lecture exploring the ways in which we are inhibited by our fear of failing, and the joy that comes with letting it all go."

Eoin McKenzie - director

Ricky Williamson - performer

Iain McCall - visual artist

Eoin's development time is supported by Platform.