Photo by Jassy Earl from Sho and the Demons of the Deep by Zoe Bullock (Launchpad scratch)
Photo by Jassy Earl from Sho and the Demons of the Deep by Zoe Bullock (Launchpad scratch)
Working with Imaginate as a Launchpad Artist thus far has been invaluable for my professional development as a Director for Early Years Audiences. I've received support to research and develop work with a focus on my artistic process – this has allowed me to be more experimental in approach than I could be elsewhere. I've had the platform and funds to work with and learn from an experienced practitioner as well as collaborating and strengthening my relationship with peers. I've felt extremely empowered in receiving this support through Launchpad’

—Rosa Duncan

Launchpad is a project to support early career theatre and dance artists interested in making performance for young audiences.  Our aim is to create routes into the sector, offer paid research and development time and support the development of new scratch ideas.

Since 2018, we have worked with artists Rosa Duncan, Eoin McKenzie, Zoe Bullock, Alex McCabe, Ruby Hirsch, Cynthia Cheung, and Priyanka Jha. Current Launchpad artists are Clare & Lesley (Clare Adam and Lesley Howard).  You can read about them all and their Launchpad projects in the links below.

The 2021/22 Launchpad projects will focus on supporting underrepresented voices within the young audiences sector with two call outs.

If you would like to discuss this project, or any other creative development work with Imaginate, please contact Fiona Ferguson, Creative Development Director.

Launchpad is supported by: