Lost Lending Library

Between August 2019 and March 2020, we are working in collaboration with world-renowed theatre-makers Punchdrunk to deliver an immersive theatrical experience like no others. The Lost Lending Library will land in each of the schools, bringing with it magic, mystery and a sense of awe and wonder. The Library has so far travelled around London and Australia but this is its very first visit to Scotland! The Lost Lending Library aims to raise standards in literacy, speaking and listening through engagement with an unforgettable narrative that unfolds within the school.

A freelance librarian visits pupils at the primary school, where they discuss their favourite books and stories. But this seemingly routine visit is followed by the incredible arrival overnight of the Lost Lending Library in the school. At 814 floors high and with 402 spiral side departments, it is the largest collection of books in the world. The Library leaps from place to place, arriving where it knows it can find the most precious books of all time: new stories written by young apprentices. 

My son in P5 has spoken about the project almost every day and was so excited that I was visiting the school. What an amazing idea and I love how it's so interactive.

—Parent - Brunstane Primary

The Library stays in the school for 2 weeks during which time the children are invited for a visit and meet its guardian, then go on to finding clues, writing stories and generally being engulfed in the exciting world created in their school, before the Library disappears without a trace. Luckily, it leaves behind a legacy in the form of special library membership cards and children with a renewed appetite for writing stories!