St David's RC Primary School Artists Residency - Year 1


I'm curious about our relationship with objects. What objects are special to us, precious to us? Why are we drawn to collecting certain objects? What are the stories that connect us to things?

—Kate Temple

Kate Temple - Lead Artist
Morwenna Kearsley - Associate Artist

The residency is taking place between January - March 2020

We'll be working collaboratively with 2 classes at St David's RC Primary School for 10 weeks on a project around objects and collections. We'll use Surrealist games and methodologies to connect with the world of objects all around us.

We'll bring in objects and talk about them, draw them, write about them

We'll play games with objects

We'll go looking – on the beach, in the playground, in the park, on the street. What will we find?

We'll make sculptural assemblages

We'll make new objects

We'll vacuum pack objects

We'll arrange objects

We'll invent new objects.

We'll photograph objects

We'll film objects

We'll make a darkroom in the school

We'll make pinhole cameras

We'll make photograms

We'll go to Stills and make photographs

We'll make a film

We'll make an exhibition.