St Ninian's RC Primary School Artists Residency - Year 1

c. Brian Hartley
c. Brian Hartley

I am interested in ideas around place. What brings us together, and the stories and experiences we share from our different places.

Exploring the different places where we live, finding new places amongst the familiar and using our imaginations to create new and imagined places.

—Brian Hartley

Brian Hartley - Lead Artist
Anna Noonan - Associate Artist

The residency took place between December 2019 - March 2020 and was cut short by Covid-19.

The two artists worked with 2 classes of P6 children at St Ninian’s Primary School for 8 weeks (instead of 10) on a project inspired by ideas about place. They worked across a range of different art forms and disciplines: visual art, movement and film sharing our stories and experiences of places, learning new ways to work and create together. They combined elements of these experiments and enquiries into a performance and installation sharing and telling these stories:

•    Past, present and future places
•    Near and far away places
•    Familiar and unfamiliar places
•    Looking for the right place at the right time
•    Real and imagined places
•    Space is a place
•    Making maps, drawing our stories
•    Creating dances in different spaces
•    Big places, small places
•    Building models of imagined places
•    Filming our journeys, getting lost and finding our way
•    Telling stories from different places
•    This must be the place