St Ninian's RC Primary School Artists Residency - Year 3

c Brian Hartley
c Brian Hartley
Building our own world requires courage and imagination, and primary 4 is the perfect class to embark on such a journey. As a writer I have become more interested in the fantastical worlds art and theatre create, whether it’s futuristic, magical or surreal, and I feel that now more than ever that’s what we need. It’s about imagination as an act of processing the world, and imagination as first step towards changing it.

—Sara Shaarawi

Lead Artist: Sara Shaarawi
Trainee Artist: Serena Doran

Over 10 weeks, Sara Shaarawi and Serena Doran have worked together with a Primary 4 class at St Ninian's RC Primary School in Restalrig, Edinburgh.

They created a world of their own.

They discovered new worlds, collective worlds and imaginary worlds. They asked questions and investigated possible answers. They created characters, places and stories. They created new games and languages. They created rules and then they broke them. They asked each other about the meaning behind their names and the stories behind their images.

Sara said: "I loved the generosity in the room. The young people really supported one another through the whole process, and brought so much imagination into the process. They were always making sure that everyone was heard and contributed to whatever task they were undertaking. I found that really inspiring. I learned a lot about working in a group setting. As a playwright I do a lot of my work by myself or in conversation with one or two people (especially in the initial stages), so I relished the opportunity to work collectively from the beginning."

The residency culminated with an event and a showing of a film made with the children by Jassy Earl.