Family Day Programme 2019

Festival Family Day - Saturday 25 May

There will be a printed programme with a Museum map available on the day. You can also download it here.

ALL events are free! Some events have a specific starting time while others will be happening throughout the day. Most performances are drop-in. For events with small capacity, you can book time slots on the day.
Please note the Family Day runs on Saturday only.

c. Christ Scott

Creative Electric

10.00 - 16.30 - Walkabout performance

Highly visual performative body sculptures from Creative Electric, that celebrate all our bodies. Performed by a cast of queer and disabled performers. 

c. Ruth Armstrong

Ready Jet Go! Blast Off!

10.00 - 16.30 - Drop-in activity 

Inspired by Valentina’s Galaxy, Ortonandon invite all wee people to construct their own wearable Jet Packs and become Space Adventurers!


The Crows
Cath Whippey & Calum MacAskill

10.00-16.30 - Walkabout performance

The inquisitive Crow family are exploring the Museum, come meet their new baby, spot the Crows pose amongst the exhibits.

c. Ruth Armstrong

Eggy Ladies
Anna Chaney & Marta Soriano

10.00-16.30 - Walkabout performance

The Eggy Ladies love to dance and they love you to dance with them too!

c. Ruth Armstrong

A Wise Owl's Challenge
Nudge Puppets / Ella Mackay

10:00-16:30 - Interactive activity

Wise granny owl loves a challenge. Come and get cosy in Granny Owl’s nest – she’d love to meet you and set you a challenge!


c. Beth Chalmers

100% Fully Unqualified (6+ yrs)
Jassy Earl and Geraldine Heaney

10.30; 11.30; 14.30; 15.30 - Performance (25 min)

A short performance about trying to prepare to be unprepared. About growing up, being friends and sharing serious joy.

c. Ruth Armstrong

Mamoru Iriguchi

10.30; 11.00; 11.30; 12.15; 12.45; 14.15; 14.45; 15.30; 16.00 - Interactive activity (30 mins)

Let’s make an amazing family dance video full of impossible dance moves – slow-mo, superfast and even backwards. Absolutely no dance experience required! 
Book at the Welcome Desk (Family group of 5 max per slot)

c. Brian Hartley

In the Ink Dark
Luke Pell and collaborators

11.00; 12.30; 14.00; 15.30 - Interactive activity + performance (45 min)

A dance and poem made from memory and conversation. Sit with me – tell me about something you have loved and lost.

c. Soundplay Project

Soundplay Studio
Bal Cooke and Ewan Sinclair

11.00; 12.00; 13.30; 14.30; 15.30 - Sensory activity (30 min)
Book at the Welcome Desk (15 people per slot)

Soundplay Studio is an accessible interactive sensory environment, where participants create sound and light through touch and movement; creating digital music in exciting, unexpected ways.

c. Jassy Earl

Vince Virr

11.15; 13.15; 15.15 - Performance (10 mins)

An energetic dance duet that will get your body popping.


Unicorn Dance Party
Sarah Rose Graber and Ruxandra Cantir

11.55; 13.40; 14.55 - Walkabout (5 min) + Performance (20 min)

Two Unicorns spread joy through the power of dance! Join in simple choreography and get your very own unicorn sparkle!

c. Richard Dyson

Scotland's most ridiculous drag-clowns present Misleading Man III
Biff and Cooper with Emily Goodwin

12.00; 14.00; 16.00 - Walkabout (30 min) + Performance (10 min)

In a world where a trio of bumbling action heroes love their own reflection more than hard work… will they ever find the bad guy? Can you beat them in the bulging bicep competition?